The First Comprehensive English Language Travel Guide to Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe is Here!

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Looking for travel information in English for your next visit to Guadeloupe, the beautiful archipelago in the Caribbean’s French West Indies? Well, look no further as the first ever comprehensive English language travel guide to northern Basse-Terre island is finally available for only USD $10.00 (Venmo) or USD $10.50 (PayPal).  Jambo’s Essential Travel Guide to Northern Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe: The Communes of Deshaies, Sainte-Rose & Pointe-Noire contains 49 full pages (8.5″ x 11″) of useful and up-to-date travel information (including a brief history of the islands, geographical information, directions from the airport, taxi/rental car information, restaurants, lodging, activities, maps, photos, a local fish guide for your trip to the fish market and key French vocabulary) to make the most out of your visit to paradise. Supplements on coffee plantations in Vieux-Habitants, the Gwada art scene and Death in Paradise (the popular BBC series filmed mostly in and around Deshaies) are also included. Researched and written on the ground at Jambo’s home base in Deshaies.

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The cost to receive the PDF e-book by e-mail is only USD $10.00 (if you pay by Venmo) or USD $10.50 (if you pay by PayPal)!

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Copyright © 2022 by Jambo. All rights reserved. Redistribution and unauthorized publication are prohibited. Jambo Press, 13 Lotissement Maya II, Ziotte  97126  Deshaies, Guadeloupe. For questions or comments, e-mail Jambo at

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Reader comments on the book:

  • I am planning another trip and just found out about a very thorough and comprehensive English travel guide on Deshaies (with things to do in surrounding Pointe Noire and Sainte Rose too) . I…wish I had it on my last trip there! Bravo to the author!!! Thank you. – From Tripadvisor reader, BungeeJumper852, Miami, FL (01/31/18)
  • I could not agree more about this excellent new guidebook. I just got my copy and it is -extremely- comprehensive and helpful. If you are staying in or around Deshaies, you absolutely owe it to yourself to get it. There is so much good information. – From Tripadvisor reader, Radio71 (02/02/18)
  • Thank you, Jambo! Great info in your guide book (finally in English) and really thorough. I already reserved a rental bungalow with the information inside for our upcoming trip and now have tips as well on how to get there, where to eat, what to bring and what to do in the area on Basse-Terre. Cheers! – From Jocelyn L., online purchaser (02/06/18)
  • We just returned from vacationing in the Deshaies area and found “Jambo’s Essential Travel Guide to Deshaies, Guadeloupe” an invaluable resource. Thank goodness it was in English, making it very easy to use. It contains many helpful suggestions and local contact information. – From TripAdvisor reader, EastenderLI (02/22/18)
  • I wanted to share this with others in the same spot I found myself in, which was to use Google Translate because I couldn’t find anything substantial in English about Guadeloupe. It’s available here: Thought this could be useful. I especially like that it’s a PDF so you can put it on your phone and take with you when traveling even though you might not have cell service. – From TripAdvisor reader, FinallyInDaSun (08/29/18)
  • I recommend the Jambo Press Guidebook. Our French is rusty and the guide was incredibly helpful and informative. We were able to navigate restaurants, local beaches, cool destinations and other critical info (Banks, tipping, dinner reservations!) quite easily. I strongly recommend purchasing it BEFORE you start to plan your trip. – From TripAdvisor reader, LizB (01/05/22)
  • Jambo’s guide is a wonderful trove of info for the Deshaies area. – From TripAdvisor reader, Dave B (07/02/22)

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